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Website optimization for search engines

What is it SEO

SEO optimization is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization, and is one of the most important online promotion processes.
It is responsible for indexing sites in search engines to increase their organic traffic.

The optimization process

SEO means evaluation, strategy, implementation and analysis, and is divided into 2 parts: on-page and off-page. These two major stages can be briefly expressed as follows: On-page = Keywords
Off-page = Links.

Constant optimization

Unlike Google Ads, where the results are maintained only as long as the campaign is running, by SEO optimization of the site it will remain at the top even after a possible end of the campaign and its effects will be seen for a long time.

The main advantages in using a perfect SEO

  • generates on average 50% of the total traffic
  • brings quality visits that convert
  • has no Cost per Click & Conversion
  • supports sales without big budgets in Paid channels
  • reduce budgets in Google Ads campaigns

Identification of keywords  research

We identify the appropriate keywords for the industry in which you operate, which, following the increase in visibility, can bring you targeted organic traffic that will generate sales.
We use niche tools to track a very large keyword database, so we make sure we don’t miss any opportunities when building our keyword lists.

Promote SEO

Only professional services will improve all the factors ranking (those who establish the position in the search engine). So will increase the organic traffic on the site and will bring benefits beyond the period of the campaign we are running, because SEO efforts involve organic and sustainable growth even after the campaign ended.